The Value of Hiring Good Employees

In one of my previous articles, I wrote about the importance of customer service in business, and specifically the food concession business. In order to help implement this trait with your food business, hiring good employees is extremely important. But having good customer service isn’t the only reason to hire good employees. Other traits of good employees are trustworthiness, good work ethic, and ability to learn. These traits are all extremely important and an employee without one or more of these traits is simply not the full package. In order for your mobile food concession business to run smoothly and successfully, finding employees with the whole package is crucial.

Customer service is so important in being able to keep your customers happy. While you alone know how important it is to your business to create good relationships with your customers, since you probably won’t run the business completely by yourself, you must also convey this message to your employees. Good employees will care that you want to be kind to your customers. Employees that aren’t worth much might treat customers well in your presence but then treat them without care when you aren’t around. You must always leave a way for customers to leave feedback so that you can be sure your customers are getting treated in a way that will be good for your business’s reputation.

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Small Business Start Up Costs: How Deep Are Your Pockets?

One of the challenges of planning and getting a new business off the ground is to establish what your start up costs are going to be. At best, it’s going to be a stab in the dark or a wild guess, but there are some specific steps you can take to make your costings more realistic.

Why Estimate Your Costs?

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